Medical Negligence

We have experience of defending claims on behalf of NHS Trusts from high value birthing injury claims to lower value claims arising from poor nursing care. We recognise the increasing challenges and pressures affecting the healthcare sector without losing sight of the fact that every claim affects the claimants and professionals involved in different ways.

While the underlying principles of breach of duty, causation and loss underpin the investigation of any clinical negligence claims, our experience, more so in this sector that in others, is that (in keeping with the duty of candour) an early apology to the patient or recognition of the impact of the effect of poor standards of care can go a long way to minimizing harm and financial loss. We are able to offer prompt and effective assistance at any stage of a clinical negligence and in relation to disciplinary and regulatory matters and on confidentiality, disclosure of medical records, mental health issues and consent.

RCB uses experts (and counsel) only where this is deemed necessary and it is felt they will add value. Each case will always be considered on its merits, but in our experience their involvement is not usually necessary until it is clear a claim will be pursued. However, where Counsel’s and/or expert’s input is required, we work in partnership with them to try and narrow issues and secure early resolution of the claim.